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 [Interface] BardUI

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PostSubject: [Interface] BardUI   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:09 am

Welcome to the thread for my last mod, while this is only the first version and just a beta merging my two old mods rewritten from scratch (and there could be still bugs around), the long term plan for this is to become eventually a full UI remake, so expect it to grow and become quite different over time.
(oh, and sorry for the huge pics, I noticed too late Razz I might fix those eventually... maybe.. I might... ;D)

Once you've opened HoN, open the BardUI options panel clicking the "B" in the top-right area while in a game, go to the System tab and press the Reset button. Really, do it. Then press Ctrl+F8 to open the console, type reloadinterfaces and hit enter, then Ctrl+F8 to close the console, once it comes back.

*NOTE*: You will download a .zip file, you need to extract the resourcesBardui.s2z and put it in the game's folder (same folder with resources0 etc).

Resources Version ---->
HonMod Version (working with mod manager) ---->

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[Interface] BardUI
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