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 Mod Options FrameWork

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PostSubject: Mod Options FrameWork   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:59 am


This is a framework for modders that don't want to write their own options UI, or start from scratch.

It'll place a new tab called "Mods" in the game options.

Mod authors will then be able to easily write option UIs for their mods.

* All cvar attributes are automatically created and setsaved. So no need to create them first, the framework will take care of that.
* It's strongly recommended that cvartypes are kept to default types.
* When resetting cvars the default attribute is used, if not set the default default value will be used. (See specific element for default value)
* Underlined attributes are optional.
* All attributes are case-sensitive.
* Listed attribute values are the default value for the attribute.
* The ' or &#39 is not allowed. Not even in tooltip.

Create new instance. You need only one and it must be the first element.
It creates a container panel for your UI elements and attach a button linking to your options in the lobby.

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Mod Options FrameWork
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