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 Simple WC3 Maphack for 1.24d with Garena & -ah bypass by h4c0r-BG

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PostSubject: Simple WC3 Maphack for 1.24d with Garena & -ah bypass by h4c0r-BG   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:13 am

Works in Garena and has -ah bypass for DotA.

Edit: High possibility that is detected by Warden. So you should use it at your own risk in B-Net.

Edit2: There is a really high chance (like 97%) when you quit the game (war3) to receive fatal error or something like that, due to the dll not being unloaded normaly. So don't worry about this.

How to install it:

Just download the file and copy it to your gamedir (gamedir = the location of war3.exe)

How to uninstall it:

Just delete the file drum 'n' base.mixtape file from your gamedir and it will not autoinject anymore.


[F5] key = Simple maphack > includelist; reveal units map, reveal units minimap, remove fog map, remove fog minimap, clickable units, show resources, show invisible, click invisible, show runes/items, show illusions, show skills, show cooldowns and not the last, -ah dota bypass

[F6] key = Trade Resource Hack > in DotA you can transfer gold to your teammates with the "F11" menu.

[F7] key = Hero Icon Hack > will show the other hero icons down to your own.

h4c0r-BG idea, updating and coding it
cqccyh for current 1.24d 2 offsets for Trade Resource Hack
TyranO for the 1.24c version of his hack.

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Simple WC3 Maphack for 1.24d with Garena & -ah bypass by h4c0r-BG
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